Dr. William May; Rev. Thomas Loya: TOB: Anthropology and Art

Two enlightening talks in this final session of the Symposium:
Dr. William E. May: John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Morality, and Anthropology
Rev. Thomas Loya: The Theology of the Body: Image of the Divine.


Ms. Anastasia Northrup: Integrating Theology of the Body into Everyday Life

In this talk Ms. Anastasia Northrup rounds out the panel discussion on Europe and America with a talk on how to integrate Theology of the Body into everyday life.


Mr. Matthew Pinto: How Theology of the Body is Impacting the Catholic Church in the U.S.

In this lecture, Mr. Matthew Pinto discusses the impact of Theology in the United States (in 2007), and explains methods for sharing and spreading it further. This lecture was part of the panel with Dr. Gudrun Kugler Lang, who explained the situation in Europe.

Dr. Michael Raiger: The Phenomenological Roots of John Paul II’s Ethos of the Gift

In this high level philosophical lecture, Dr. Michael Raiger uncovers many striking connections between the work of the philosopher Edmund Husserl and John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, revealing a little known but highly important source of John Paul’s work.


Dr. Gudrun Kugler-Lang: Europe at the Crossroads

In this lecture Dr. Gudrun Kugler-Lang presents the level of knowledge about Theology of the Body among European Catholics (in 2007), and follows with a a number of helpful suggestions for increasing awareness of the text and its teaching in Europe.


Ms. Katrina Zeno; Mrs. Tara Plymouth; Mrs. Lisa Lickona: TOB and the Laity

In this session:
Ms. Katrina J. Zeno, Theology of the Body for Young and Old: Visual Aids, Power Point, and Sacramentality

Mrs. Tara (Seyfer) Plymouth, Theology of The Body: A New Language for Understanding Human Sexuality and Marriage

Mrs. Lisa Lickona, The Theology of the Body for the Very Young

Rev. Jaroslaw Kupczak, O.P.: Influence of Vatican II on John Paul II’s TOB

Rev. Jaroslaw Kupczak, O.P.
Abstract: The goal of this article is to discuss Michael Waldstein’s introduction to his new translation of John Paul II’s catecheses on the Theology of the Body. A special emphasis will be given to the discussion of the sources of the papal theology of communio. The main thesis will consist in the conviction that it is due to the theological influences of the Second Vatican Council that the notion of communio appears in the writings of Karol Wojtyła/John Paul II.

At the beginning of this lecture, before introducing Fr. Kupczack, Dr. Waldstein offers a response to Dr. Colosi’s lecture, which contained some remarks of a critical nature to Dr. Waldstein’s opening talk.

Mr. Christopher West: TOB and the New Evangelization

Christopher West delivers a moving address on the relationship between Theology of the Body and evangelization in our times.


Dr. Donald P. Asci: Chastity Refined: Conjugal Chastity According to John Paul II’s TOB

In this lecture, Dr. Donald P. Asci explains how John Paul II’s vision of conjugal chastity – characterized by reverence and self-mastery – unfolds throughout the whole of TOB and cannot be limited to the conclusions that come at the end of TOB.

Dr. Josef Seifert; Dr. Michele M. Schmacher Personalism/Genius of Women

In this session:

Dr. Josef Seifert, Person, Transcendence and the Human Body: a Personalistic Anthropology and Metaphysics of Spousal Love in John Paul II and Realist Phenomenology

Dr. Michele M. Schumacher, The Significance of the Body in John Paul II’s Theological Anthropology of Women


Sr. Timothy Prokes, FSE: “Gift in the Divine Image”: TOB and Virtual Reality

The Meaning of the Body as “Gift in the Divine Image”: Theology of the Body and the Increasingly Virtual Culture of our Time. In this lecture Sister Timothy Prokes, FSE expresses many beautiful connections between embodied personal being and sacramentality; she also expresses many interesting problematic points for living a sacramental life that can be caused by our increasing interaction with virtual reality.

Dr. Peter J. Colosi: Max Scheler’s Impact on JPII’s TOB

“A Body that Expresses a Person: Max Scheler’s Impact on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body; Response to Dr. Waldstein.” In this lecture Dr. Peter J. Colosi explains some of the roots in realist phenomenology that inform Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, with special emphasis on the relationship between the physical and the spiritual in human beings. He also offers a response to some of the points in the opening talk of Dr. Michael Waldstein.

Dr. Michael Waldstein: Three Kinds of Personalism

“Three Kinds of Personalism: St. John of the Cross, Kant, Scheler and John Paul II.” This is the opening address of the First International Theology the Body Symposium. In this Keynote Address, Dr. Michael Walstein gives his explanation of 3 versions of personalism. This first International Symposium was a great occasion to honor and thank Dr. Michael Waldstein for his new  translation of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body: Man and Woman He Created Them, which had just appeared.